What our Mums and Dads say

Ella absolutely loves Kindy Dance Time and can’t wait for Tuesday to come around again.  Well done!

C Lincoln – Bayswater

Each Saturday morning we drive our daughter to North Perth for Kindy Dance Time (from Beaconsfield). It has been a very rewarding and enjoyable experience seeing our children develop and have so much fun!

F & M Gaglia – Beaconsfield

Without a doubt Kindy Dance Time is the most enchanting and adorable activity my children have ever done. Lara’s ability to get a dancing concept grasped by children so young simply amazes me. The entire team is a delight to deal with and the smiles on the little ones face should be testament enough to the fun they are having.

F Povey – Darlington

Lots of fun for parents and kids!

G Benn – South Guildford

What a godsend Kindy Dance Time has been! It’s given my daughter the chance to develop her love of dance and music and to freely express herself in supportive and loving surrounds. She is blossoming because of Kindy Dance Time! Thank you!!!!

L Mail – Mosman Park

My 2 year old daughter thoroughly enjoys her Kindy Dance Time class, it has given her the confidence to do things on her own!

L Timpson – Thornlie

Trinity loves to dance, this class is so appropriate for her. I hope she continues to enjoy her time spent with the teacher who is very encouraging  and keeps trinity focussed and also her friends.  An excellent teacher!

K Lawrence-Brown – Swanview

Wonderful idea – very enjoyable for me and my daughter. We both look forward to it every week. I especially love seeing the kids develop their confidence with each other and the other parents.

K Peckham – Bayswater

Lucy loves it. I can use it as a bribe to make her go to sleep!

P Lumby – Western Australia

My daughter’s teacher at Kindy Dance Time is an amazing, encouraging, energetic, passionate teacher which clearly radiates and has in turn developed and nourished my daughter. She is genuinely inspiring, and because of her qualities my daughter has bonded with her and with dancing!! Thank you!

D Fleckhammer – South Perth