Our Program


Welcome to Kindy Dance Time, where toddlers and preschoolers aged 2-5 embark on an enchanting dance journey tailored just for them. Our program is designed to lay the foundational elements of dance without enforcing specific techniques, fostering a love for movement through exposure to diverse musical styles. With limited class sizes, we ensure each child receives quality attention from our dedicated and experienced instructors.

Each term, children are captivated by three unique lesson themes, blending familiarity with new challenges to cultivate a sense of accomplishment and, most importantly, FUN! Our fast-paced classes keep youngsters engaged as they explore various dance and music genres, all tied to the theme of the day. Musical instruments, props, songs, and free dance activities enrich the experience, promoting coordination and motor skill development.

Tailored for ages 2-5, our classes are divided into age-appropriate groups to target key developmental areas effectively. Our gender-neutral themes encourage inclusivity, inviting boys to join in the excitement too! Through group, partner, and solo dancing, children not only refine their physical skills but also nurture social and emotional growth.

Educational elements are seamlessly woven into lessons, with younger children exploring shapes, numbers, and colours, while older age groups delve into cultural awareness, anatomy, or environmental topics. In our Kindy A classes, parental involvement is paramount, providing a unique opportunity for bonding and maximising learning potential. As students progress to Kindy B, they interact more independently with teachers, while parents enjoy observing their child’s growth firsthand.

At Kindy Dance Time, parents are always welcome in our studios, fostering a supportive and inclusive atmosphere for all. Join our Kindy Dance Time family, where we create magical memories and inspire young dancers to flourish and express themselves through movement!

For more detailed information on our program and classes please see our Class Descriptions.

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