Our Philosophies

W 1Instilling a Love of Dance

At Kindy Dance Time, we prioritise FUN in learning dance! Our program is meticulously designed to prepare young dancers for a lifetime of joyful movement. We focus on building strong dance foundations while ensuring the safety of little bodies. Through exposure to a diverse range of dance and music, we aim to nurture a deep appreciation for the arts in toddlers and preschoolers. Kindy Dance Time serves as the perfect introduction to the world of dance for young children!

Caring For Little Bodies

We believe in providing a nurturing learning environment for children under the age of five, fostering their passion for dance while prioritizing their physical well-being.

Our experienced teachers understand the importance of respecting the developmental stages of young bodies. Rather than pushing beyond physical limits, we focus on fundamental aspects of dance, such as balance, coordination, and spatial awareness. Our age-appropriate themes engage children’s imaginations while enhancing their motor skills and musical appreciation.

Musical Appreciation

At Kindy Dance Time, we celebrate the unique ways children interpret music. There’s no right or wrong way to move to the rhythm! We expose children to a wide variety of musical styles, encouraging improvisation and self-expression. Witnessing children freely express themselves to music they love brings us immense joy as educators.

_N_76885Skills for Life

The physical and cognitive skills developed through Kindy Dance Time are not only beneficial for future dance training but also applicable to everyday life. From improving balance and coordination to fostering self-awareness and positive self-esteem, our program equips children with valuable skills for school and beyond.

A Moveable Feast

Because we believe that we never stop learning, so too the Kindy Dance Time program is continually updated and refined to ensure the latest research in early childhood development and movement are transferred to our classes. All of our teachers attend regular workshops and undertake professional development to stay at the top of their profession. Often our greatest inspiration comes from the children, who teach us new ways to move every day.

No Stress_N_76244

We understand that young children may not be emotionally ready for the pressures of traditional dance performances. At Kindy Dance Time, we prioritise a stress-free environment, with no mandatory uniforms, concerts or competitions. Our focus is solely on nurturing a love of dance in every child who joins us.

Our goal is to inspire a lifelong love of dance in each and every child at Kindy Dance Time!

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