What Should My Child Wear?

Kindy Dance Time has no compulsory uniform, however we do offer some very funky Kindy Dance Time attire.  Dress your child in comfortable clothing with bare feet.  Of course “dress ups” are always welcome!

_N_76861We have Kindy Dance Time merchandise on offer including Kindy Dance Time T-Shirts, dance pants and other assorted dancewear and accessories. Please call our Admin Team on 1300 922 892 to place an order or ask your teacher for an order form.

Please bring a named water bottle for your child, as in hot weather we will stop for drink breaks. In accordance with ‘Safe Dance Practice’, food is not permitted in the studio during dance classes. Instruments and props are provided by Kindy Dance Time.

Filming of any sort, including the use of mobile phones, video and DVD cameras is NOT permitted in Kindy Dance Time classes for copyright and child protection reasons. We ask that mobile phones are switched off or to silent for the duration of the classes. On occasion, your Kindy Dance Time teacher may ask to photograph or video the class for promotional purposes. You can let your teacher know if you are in agreement with this. 

Parent participation is required for Kindy A classes. It is a good idea to wear comfortable clothing, be prepared to take off your shoes and have some FUN!