What our Mums and Dads say

Kindy Dance Time is a wonderful opportunity for children to have one on one time with mum. It also allows them to burn energy and use their imagination with creative themes which act as metaphors teaching the foundation of dance. Thank you, we look forward to class each week.

M Meyrick – Victoria Park

Thank you for the amazing energy put into each lesson – it’s lovely to watch all the children blossom. For us it is very rewarding to see Lucca relax and enjoy all the music and movement, so much now that we often get impromptu dances and shows put on at home (with big sister) and really loves music.

B McNabb – Parkerville

My daughter loves coming to dancing each week. She dances around with a huge smile on her face. The teacher is great and the lessons are fun.

C Peacock – South Perth

Amy just loves Kindy Dance Time and can’t get enough. She always practises her dances a home and looks forward to seeing her teacher and her big hug!

P Sefton – Karawara

Kindy Dance Time has been a great experience. I can see the confidence building up in Vedant after just a couple of classes. He is very confident in reciting rhymes or mingling with other kids. The teacher is excellent with the little ones. She lets them be themselves while at the same time, encouraging them do the steps.

B Phat – Canning Vale

What a fabulous way to have some fun! A great opportunity for the children to work independently and together in a friendly and relaxed environment and enjoy learning about moving their bodies to music.

R Sermon – North Perth

We absolutely love Kindy Dance Time! There is nothing like seeing your child’s face light up and really enjoying themselves through music and dance. The teacher is wonderful – my daughter just loves her and will hold my hand and lead me to the car when she knows it’s dancing time!

A Black – Canning Vale

Kindy Dance Time is an exciting, much loved and enthusiastic part of our week. A big hooray!

R Martin – Cottesloe

Our teacher is fantastic! She engages the kids so well. My daughter idolises her and loves coming to this class so much – the highlight of her week. She even makes play “dancing” at home! A big thank you.

L Cavill – Mosman Park

A wonderful introduction to the world of dance and music!

J Markham – Maida Vale