We love our teacher! 🙂 My daughter talks about her all the time!

V Marandola – Melbourne

Our little Mathilda loves Kindy Dance Time, after only being twice so far. She even wakes up on Wednesdays knowing we’re going to ‘Kindy Dance Time’. Thanks to our teacher for being so much fun for our little 2-3 year olds.

T Francis – Beeliar

Lylah was ready for her first Kindy Dance Time lesson at Atwell. She had a ball and is so excited about her next lesson!

J Brown – Atwell

Cleo, 3 years, had her second dance lesson today… and she continues to rave about her teacher for hours afterwards!

T Fiorentino – North Perth

My daughter Emi LOVES Kindy Dance Time!  She is forever dancing around the house and saying “Mum I’m going to show my teacher my dancing”!

P Carli Zappia – Melbourne

Sophie has loved coming to your classes. Seeing the joy on her face each week has truly been a highlight for me. Sophie dances even more at home now than she used to.

S Budas – Canning Vale

Amy just loves her teacher and looks forward to Kindy Dance Time on Friday’s. She has come so far in just a term and a half and doesn’t need mum to join in anymore.

P Sefton – Karawara

Ella loves every minute of dancing. It is so good for her self confidence.

Mr McClements – Kingsley

My daughter has been attending for over two years and our teacher is really caring, passionate and understanding.  She works wonders with such small children and has such patience.  Sofia has learnt alot and has developed a real love for dancing and a real feel for music, along with gaining lots of confidence.

R Norrie – North Perth

You’d really be sitting there in amazement if you knew what a positive benefit your program has had on my daughter. Miss Fiona from North Perth was her teacher for three years and I can’t say enough about the influence she has had on our daughter’s and consequently our lives. Whatever you are paying her it’s not enough, and whatever you’ve charged us it’s not enough. Thank you so much. Jasmine now graduates to formal ballet and I am so extremely proud of her. She’s telling me that that’s what she’ll do forever and it’s going to make her happy.

Think about that for a minute, that’s what you’ve given us. At the end of the last class Fiona was surrounded by families of kids with similar gratitude to mine I’m sure, and I didn’t get the chance to say thanks. Please pass on mine. As far as your program goes, it’s exactly what little people need. It’s without doubt the best thing I’ve ever done.

Many thanks, Kyle Holtzman

K Holtzman – North Perth