Still love dancing with Kindy Dance Time!

P Sefton – South Perth

My daughter Emma loves going to Kindy Dance Time.  She is very excited each dance day to show dad what she has learned!

S Jones – St James

I would like to congratulate our teacher on what a marvelous job she does. Her encouragement and ongoing praise for the children has a real impact on how they respond and participate and makes it such an enjoyable and fun experience.

N Evans – East Victoria Park

Sienna loves her Kindy Dance Time – she gets excited about it every week!

C Leigh – South Perth

My daughter has loved her first term at Kindy Dance Time and is eager to start term two.  Her teacher is loved so much!  Keep up the good work Kindy Dance Time!

J Ireland – South Guildford

Fabulous fun – from a boy that clung to mum, to the child in the middle of the circle jumping and grinning.

T Mountford – Lockridge

It’s always enjoyable to watch your own child learning to dance, but at Kindy Dance Time they also learn other things like common knowledge as the teacher is very good at making them understand so there are many benefits.

K Spiers – Dianella

Our teacher is ‘FANTASTIC’! She makes the lesson more and more interesting for a 2 year olds mind. All my daughter talks about is DANCING, DANCING and DANCING!!!!!

C Giustiniano – Yokine

It is so fabulous to have Kindy Dance Time expose the children to a range of music and dance expressions and experiences to encourage their growth and creativity.  It’s a great experience for the children … and for parents to watch.

G Nickels – High Wycombe

Kindy Dance Time is a very well designed programme which covers many skills and concepts in an engaging and enjoyable way.  My daughter loves it!

H Brown – Darlington